For all sessions, it is critical to be organized and plan outfits, etc. far in advance.  Many people are lost when it comes to coordinating (not matching) outfits for family pictures.  Here are a few wonderful resources to reference when thinking about outfits...

It is also a great idea to incorporate accessories and layers into outfits.  They add interest and tie outfits together with other family members.

Always feel free to send me pictures of outfits or ask questions prior to purchasing outfits.  :-)


Particularly for family sessions with little ones, it is always important to plan for the worst and hope for the best!  I always encourage families to bring whatever makes their children happy.  Plus, I always bring along a large supply of snacks and toys. I am not above bribery to get a smile!

You may also consider bringing your child's favorite thing at the time of pictures.  For example, if your little one has a favorite teddy bear or train, it's nice to incorporate them into the photos.


Please call to schedule as soon as you know baby's due date to ensure that you get the date (or roundabout time) that you need. 

For newborn sessions, timing is key!  Sessions should be scheduled when baby is between 10-20 days old.  Also, plan to have the session when baby is sleepiest and has a full tummy.  Please plan to feed baby upon arrival for the session or just before leaving your house if you are located near the studio.  This will allow time for baby to be changed and cuddled before we begin!  You should also try to keep baby awake for a couple of hours prior to the session to encourage a deeper sleep.  Bathing beforehand is also a good way to relax your baby. Also, keep in mind that the area that photos will be taken in will be very warm, so it is a good idea to dress in layers to stay comfortable.

When you arrive, please have baby in minimal clothing.  You will not need to provide outfits; I have lots of accessories and props to choose from!  If you'd like, you can bring special items that you'd like to incorporate into the photos as well.

If you plan to be in the photos with baby, please consider your wardrobe choice as well.  It is best to stick with neutral, soft-colored solids with no logos or wording on the shirt.  Also, take into account the look of your home décor and how it will all tie together.  I am always available to discuss styling ahead of time if you'd like.  

Because the session is so long (3-4 hours), it is important to pay attention to baby's cues.  It is always fine to take a break to feed, change, or simply cuddle your new bundle of joy!


When planning for your maternity session, be sure to consider outfits that will highlight that beautiful, growing bump!  Avoid loose-fitting clothing, but plan to wear something that you are comfortable in.  It is always good to accessorize as well.  If your significant other will be in the photos, please be sure that outfits coordinate and that shirts do not have logos or crazy patterns on them.  We can consult prior to your session to ensure that your style is reflected in your pictures.


Senior sessions should reflect your personality!  Choose outfits/props that show who you are at this very special milestone in life.   Plan to bring a variety of outfits (casual, dressy, etc.) and be sure to accessorize.  You may also want to bring items that demonstrate your activities or things you are involved in.  A jersey, a ball, or any other prop would be great!  As always, I am available to consult on wardrobe before your session. :-)


I spend a great amount of time selecting the very best images from your session and editing them until they are just perfect.  This can be very time consuming. Therefore, galleries can take 3 to 4 weeks to receive.  Each session includes 20 images, but more may be available to purchase from your gallery.  Additional images are $10 each.  I only provide clients with the very best images, therefore RAW/unedited images are not available to clients.